How To Keep Pond Water Clear Without A Filter

How To Keep Pond Water Clear Without A Filter

You can keep your pond water clear and clean without using a filter. Filters can be expensive and cause problems depending on the climate and weather they encounter. This means you will have to find alternative ways of cleaning it in an effective manner so waster does not build up. If you do not have a filter, rotting plants, fish waste, ammonia nitrates, uneaten food and suchlike will pollute the water, hurting and maybe even killing your plants and fish. Read on to learn how you can keep your pond water clean without using a filter.

Do Not Overstock

You need to be sure not to overstock the pond when using a filter. So do not add too many fish as they eat a lot of food and of course produce a great deal of fish waste that releases ammonia into the water. Therefore the less fish in the pond, the less waste is produced. The amount of water in the pond compared to the number of fish has to be a lot higher when you are not utilizing a filter compared to when you do have a filter.

Avoid Overfeeding Your Fish

If your fish are overfed, there will not only be a good amount of uneaten food but the food releases nitrates, nitrites and ammoinia as well as other undesirable substances. These can be harmful to fish and also produce algae blooms. The same is true for fish waste. Therefore, just feed your fish enough food to survive but do not go over the top and spoil them with foods they are not going to eat or will consume too much of. it also helps to have foods that do not contain phosphate.

Regularly Change Water

Without a filter, pond water will need to be cleaned manually. It is vital to clean away solid fish waste, uneaten food, algae, dead fish and rotting plants as they can all release ammonia into the water. You may want to remove plants, ornaments and decorations from the water from time to time and thoroughly clean them.

Utilize A UV Sterilizer

A UV Sterilizer will be enormously helpful when you have a filterless pond. As algae needs a great amount of sunlight to bloom and multiply, a UV Sterilizer neutralizes the sunlight and does a long way in keeping pond water algae free. Algae san suffocate fish and plants, as well as being unsightly and unpleasant to smell. So this is a vital component in making sure your pond water remains clean.

Nano Media Reactors

Not actually a filter, a nano media reactor works like a backup filtration unit and it removes organic compounds like ammonia and nitrates from the water. It is great to have if you have fish that produce a lot of waste. As a bonus, it is also very helpful with algae control.

Using Pond Dye

It is not the best way to keep your pond clean but it does have the advantage of having algae control. As algae needs a lot of sunlight, the pond dye works as an effective sun blocking agent preventing the growth of algae.

Have The Correct Plants

Submerged plants work as natural filters as they assist in drawing out poisonous substances from the pond water as well as absorbing fish caused waste products. Conversely, some floating plants will prevent sunlight from reaching the water helping to prevent the growth of algae.

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Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting


Pond lighting allows you to enjoy your pond whenever you like, night or day. With a little thought, you can design pond lighting to enhance the appearance of your pond as well as creating dramatic looking focal points. There are many lighting options available, read on to learn more about them.

Pond Downlighting Options

Pond downlighting offers a diffused natural looking light with a very desirable natural appearance. If you are fortunate enough to have older trees surrounding the pond, installing lights in the branches can give a moonlighting style effect with the additional advantage of showcasing the surrounding landscape. Another bonus is the shadows created that can cast onto the pond from the canopy of the trees. Far easier to maintain than submersible pond lights, downlights are less hassle and greater value for money.

Submersible Pond Lights

Submersible pond lights make the water sparkle, as the light shines up through the water. Making them perfect for ponds with a wide waterfall, or a waterfall with multiple tiers, where lights need to be positioned into tight positions and into the nooks and crannies. However, even the best underwater lights can take in water, which causes damage. Moss and algae can grow over the lenses, obscuring the light. Underwater lights tend to show all of the algae, dirt and leaves floating in the pond. One more reason to keep your pond as clean as possible.


We prefer to use directional uplights, also known as bullet lights, above the water but close to the pond’s edge. Capable of being pointed in any direction, to cast light on the pond’s surface, to highlight foliage at the pond’s edge or to direct light toward a waterfall. Aiming light at the waterfall in this way hits the surface of the pond catches the air bubbles, and highlights the movement. Bullet lights are great for this. Because these lights aren’t in the water, they hold up better over time than submersible lights.


A water feature needs to be built like Mother Nature actually showed up. Don’t install a pond in your front yard with a huge elevation as that would not occur naturally. Similarly with lighting. It should look like nature is lighting it. Does the moon blast your pond with so much light you could thread a needle out there? Subtle highlights are more effective than harsh spotlights. You want to play up the best qualities of your pond, not highlight every single detail.

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Creating Glare: Glare is always a big concern when lighting a pond.  It’s important to position the fixtures so the light doesn’t hit you in the eye.
    You also want to avoid the glare of “hot spots” that come from using a single lighting source.
  • Ignoring Clarity: If your pond is murky, submersible pond lights aren’t the best choice. A clear, well-maintained pond will sparkle in the light.


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