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If you are searching “koi pond filters” you are most likely looking for basic information on which pond filter best suits your pond needs. Your pond’s filter keeps the water clean, clear and manages the overall health of the pond whether or not you have koi fish, a water feature and any pond plants contained in it. Ponds of any kind simply cannot exist without a pond filter. To have a healthy pond or if you have koi fish, you’re going to need a filter, and you need to find one that is the right size for your pond. Without a pump and filtration system your pond can go from the star of your backyard, to the cloudy green monster in your backyard. Your filtration system gets rid of the debris that gets in your pond.

There Are 3 Basic Types of Pond Filters

There are many types of pond filters, which one you choose to use depends on a couple of factors. The size of your pond, where it is located, how much you want to spend, and if you are going to have fish, all will determine the type of filter you will need. Although there are many different types of pond filters; in this post we will cover the 3 basic ones.

Waterfall/ Skimmer External Pond Filters

Comparable to common swimming pool overflow filters this type of design skims debris from the surface as the pond “overflows” into a recessed skimmer basket. The pond water is then pumped to the opposite end of the pond, where it pours back into your pond over a waterfall bio-filter. Well designed landscaping will hide the entire system so you will see only an appealing water feature.

This type of filter is best suited for medium to large ponds with koi fish. They cost around $470-$1200 for the filter and pump. There is minimal maintenance and installation is moderate. On of the benefits of this filter system it is low in maintenance with easy debris removal. Another benefit about this filter it is hidden by landscaping.

Submersible Pond Filters

In this set up, the filter sits at the bottom of the pond. A submersible pump creates suction to draw water through the filter; it then forces the filtered water to a waterfall or fountain where it re-circulates the water back into the pond.

This system is best for small to medium ponds with small amounts of koi fish or no fish at all. This cost of this filter is around $85-$300 for an entire filtration system. Installation is easy and maintenance is reasonable (depending on the filter location accessibility). Another benefit about this filter it is completely submerged under the water.

External Pond Filters

If you need life-supporting filtration for koi fish or other types of fish in nearly any size pond, think about an external filtration system. In this set up, a pump with an optional pre-filter or skimmer takes water from the pond to a chambered “flow through” filter near the pond at a higher level. Filtered water then pours out of the filter plumbing downward to your pond. The flow can also be directed over a waterfall or streambed.
These filters are for small to large ponds with or without fish. The system costs about $90-$2150 for the filter and pump. Installation is just some easy plumbing. Landscaping may be necessary to hide the filter. It is easily maintained. The filter is accessible on land, but the amount of time to clean it will depend on the filter design. A few pressure filters just need you flip a switch. This system has the best configuration. This system also has widest choice of design and equipment options.

Phoenix, Arizona Koi Pond Filter Systems

If you already have a koi pond or you are considering installing a pond and would like some help or advice with budget and design considerations, talk to the Phoenix Koi pond experts in Peoria, AZ.

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