Plants To Clean Pond Water

5 Plants To Clean Pond Water

One way to maintain clear and healthy pond water is by adding some plants to the area. Bio-filters are great at keeping your water healthy, but they do not remove nitrates. Adding plants to the water is the safest way to remove any unwanted nitrates.

Best Pond Plants To Clean Water

Since plants feed on the same nutrients as algae, you will need to add more plants to your pond to lessen the algae’s food supply. Here are a few of the best plants you can purchase to clean your water:

Water Lettuce

There is no doubt that this floating plant can help purify your pond water. Green rosettes will float effortlessly across the water, while cleansing it, at the same time.


Taro roots feature a very large surface area, which helps to take the nutrients up from the water. This plant comes in many varieties. Oftentimes, homeowners will add Taro to their ponds for their showy leaves.


Canna also come in a wide range of varieties, adding some much-needed color to small ponds everywhere. Color is not the main reason so many people choose to add canna, though. These plants are terrific at removing nutrients, toxins and heavy metals from the water.

Water Iris

Water Iris is known to be one of the best aquatic plants to remove toxins. Additionally, Iris adds some color to your pond before most plants bloom in the spring.


Hornwort is an oxygenator that grows far beneath the surface. It helps to eliminate algae by taking up excess nutrients from the water, which starves the algae.

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