Pond Design & Installation Considerations

Pond Design Installation Considerations

Before you decide to have a pond designed and installed remember your garden can thrive around the new water feature and you will be visited by lots of new friends such as dragonflies, songbirds and other fascinating wildlife.

So before you dedicate a healthy budget to the building of your dream pond consider the following checklist to make sure it is a wise decision:

  • Location is vital. Avoid installing a pond in a low spot that gets accumulative runoff when it rains. Water crossing over gardens, farms or lawns can add fertilizers or chemicals harming aquatic creatures and plants.
  • Decide on a good view for your pond, maybe with room to add a bench or some chair so you can maximize your enjoyment of the pond. You may want to be able to view the pond when you are inside as well.
  • Ensure the spot is level and gets at least a half-day of sunshine. Do not position the pond too close to shrubs or trees that may drop debris or leaves into the pond.
  • Position the pond within reach if an electrical outlet protected with a ground floor interrupter so shocks can be avoided. You will require a pump that can be plugged in to circulate water and you may want to invest in an aerator especially if you add some fish. An outlet also allows you to add additional accessories and outdoor lighting.
  • Before you begin, check local zoning restrictions and regulations. You may also need permission from your Home Owners Association. Some insurance companies will also require notification and may require you to secure the pond with a fence for the protection of animals and children.
  • Have the utility company mark lines so you do not dig into anything!
  • If you want to keep fish remember if you live in a cold winter climate the pond will have to be deep enough to protect them.
  • Your budget will dictate the size of your pond. Some costs are those you may not think of right away. For example, fertilizers, plant pots, rocks, test kits, and water thermometer. Other obvious expenses include the costs of filling the pond, mechanical, biological and chemical filters.
  • Generally speaking, the more curves in the design, the more expensive and costly it is to dig.

Once your pond is filled with beautiful sparkling clean water, you can then move on and add some beautiful aquatic creatures and plants!

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