Types of Ponds

Pond Types

There are a lot of pond types and sizes. Each pond has their own unique characteristics. Prior to you begin laying a pond it is vital that you decide on a type of pond. There are various kinds of ponds you can choose from. Below is just a couple of examples of ponds, however, there are many more.

Koi pond

When talking about a Koi pond, it is about a pond with koi fish, the national fish of Japan. This type of fish is a specialized domesticated version of typical carp. They are lovely fish to look at. Koi is required to have a duly maintained pond to guarantee the health of these invaluable fish. The method applied in these types of ponds should accordingly be inspected and maintained routinely.

Mini pond

A mini pond is a small portable decorative pond basin. These ponds are suitable for the smaller gardens, terraces, patios, and balconies. If you take away somewhat more space, put a multitude of mini-ponds side by side. In various colors, for instance.

Wildlife pond

With wildlife ponds, nature is in control. The number of plants is rich, and the water attracts a lot of animals, like frogs, insects, salamanders, etc. In this type of pond, no filter, no pump, or chemical means are needed and – in perfect conditions – also no liner. An appropriate number and different (h2o) plants that provides high-level oxygen content in the water, safeguarding it from algae.


A fishpond is one in which is just meant to hold fish. The result of complete induction of aquatic plants in a fishpond is that more endeavor is required for keeping the pond water clean and healthy, since there are no plants for filtering the water, fish still create waste material.

Swimming pond

You wish to lay an attractive pond…, nevertheless, your children want to go for a nice swim in the swimming pool by the garden. The perfect solution is going to then be an attractive swimming pond from which everybody can get a great deal of enjoyment.

In Conclusion

When you have decided what type of pond you want to build, the correct determination of its size and area to build in your yard is going to be the next step. Give priority to its position in relation to any plantings and buildings regarding shadows, continued root growth and foundation.

Pond Services in Phoenix, Arizona

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